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It's Hard to Find Office Wear That Fits

We hear you and personally share your frustration when it comes to fit, and the negative impact to our confidence that occurs, when it just. doesn't. work.

That’s why our mission is to FIT ANY BODY TYPE THE FIRST TIME by customizing to the 3D body.

"If I could easily find flattering clothes that fit me. I have very thick thighs and wide hips, it’s not the typical white American body shape, and buying clothes can be an anxiety-inducing process that I avoid as [m]uch as possible."

A frustrated ambitious woman in NYC

"Oftentimes, work pants have a weird fit around groin are (either baggy or too tight). Also, as a woman who is big chested, I have to go up a size just for my chest (which makes the rest of the shirt baggy or sleeves too long. Blazers often make me look larger than I really am..."

A frustrated ambitious woman in San Diego, CA

"Finding things for short & curvy girls that are stylish!"

A frustrated ambitious woman in Jersey City, NJ

"Most button-downs do not fit my bust (I have narrow shoulders but a 38E bust); same issue with suit jackets. Also, I am 5'10" and jackets are never long enough in the arms or torso. Pants are also an issue because I am tall and curvy."

A frustrated ambitious woman in Stamford, CT

"If I could find clothes that fit me well. Now that I'm in my 30s, I've gained weight and clothes don't fit the same. It's hard for me to figure out the right looks for my body type."

A frustrated ambitious woman in San Francisco, CA

Our Fit Philosophy

Standard sizing, originally created to make fashion more convenient and affordable, has only resulted in vanity sizing, environmental challenges, and body shaming. The root of the problem is how sizing is created -- starting with a single body shape, with a B-cup bust as a base size, that is then scaled up and down to create a size range. However, two women with the same bust, waist, and/or hip measurements can have entirely different shapes.

That’s why we fit to the 3D body leveraging 3D technology. We capture your girth AND your shape--something that can't be captured from a few numbers alone.

Visit us at one of our fun pop-ups to get a free 3D body scan and find your FERVOR.

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